Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,Perhaps if there were a way to know for sure your spouse-to-be would end up cheating, the incident of divorces caused by infidelity would decrease dramatically. While no one can know for sure who will and will not cheat, some believe there are traits and characteristics common among those who stray from their spouse.

Consider Certain Personality Traits

While there is no such thing as a crystal ball to help determine the future of your marriage, perhaps there are some things about potential suitors you should consider before jumping into something long term. Provided below is a list and brief description of some characteristics that should send up a red flag or, at the very least, give you cause to pause before saying, “I do.”

  • Narcissism, or an unnatural attraction to one’s own body, typically signals that a person is more concerned with their own needs and wants than those of others. They care about fulfilling their own desires and have little concern for the well-being of those around them.
  • Both men and women who are financially dependent on their partner tend to cheat more than those who have their own source of income.
  • Career choice may be a clue. Studies have shown men who work in finance and IT and women working in education or as corporate executives are most likely to have affairs.
  • Previous incidents of infidelity have been known to signal one’s tendency to cheat in the future.

While there is absolutely no way of knowing for sure whether or not your spouse will cheat, it is important to keep one’s eyes wide open before agreeing to marriage. Furthermore, without being overly suspicious, there is nothing wrong with a little vigilance once the honeymoon is concluded.

Pursue Your Divorce with an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney

Whether or not infidelity is the cause of your split, pursuing divorce requires a great deal of time, patience, and legal acumen to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome. Working with a knowledgeable DuPage County divorce lawyer will ensure nothing is omitted or overlooked through the course of negotiations and court appearances.

The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. conducts a meticulous review of all the details impacting your divorce to present an aggressive strategy to bring about a fair and fast conclusion. Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how you will benefit from our years of experience with a wide variety of divorce matters.


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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,As a couple goes through divorce negotiations and subsequent court proceedings many decisions are made as to who gets what, and how much they get. These decisions involve the house, children, savings and investments and other marital assets. Another decision that often results in much emotion is resolving the eventual resident of the family pet.

New Law Now in Effect

Previously, pets were treated as furniture or other inanimate possessions in divorce negotiations over marital property division. However, as of the start of 2018 in Illinois, a new law now gives a judge the right to determine if one spouse would be a better pet owner than the other. The individual who takes on more of the responsibility for pet care during the marriage now has a better chance of retaining ownership after the divorce.  Things to consider include:

  • Who purchases the pet food and other care items.
  • Who takes the pet for their regular vet visits.
  • Who walks or exercises, and/or cleans up after the pet.
  • Who spends leisure time with the pet.

All these things may now weigh in a judge’s decision as to who receives custody of the family pet.

The law was sponsored by a member of the state legislature who served in volunteer positions with a zoo and humane society. She insisted that because animals have feelings and emotions it was necessary to consider a pet’s post-divorce placement with greater care.

A study among divorce lawyers showed that, until very recently, courtroom battles between divorcing spouses often include disputes over pet custody, with dogs figuring in about 96 percent of those cases. However, more recently it was learned that pet custody disputes were more likely to be settled outside of court, through negotiations between the couple. This new law may increase those instances as parties are now aware of how a court may decide the matter, further clarifying one person’s claim to pet custody over the other.

Secure Your Future with Help from an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce, it is important to work with a seasoned Aurora divorce lawyer to ensure a fair and equitable settlement of marital assets. The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. will work diligently to ensure you receive the best possible outcome possible. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss all the options available.

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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,Even if a person has spent hours considering their various options and weighing its impact on their future, the decision to divorce can still elicit heightened emotions of fear. Unfortunately, it happens that some spouses may attempt to influence how the other proceeds with the divorce by issuing threats that play upon those fears.

Responding to Threats

It is not unusual to want your divorce to end in a way that is mutually agreeable. It is even acceptable to think the final settlement should favor you if the marriage included some egregious acts by your spouse. However, when threats are issued it is important to respond in an appropriate and legally measured manner. Doing otherwise can result in negative repercussion and even severe sanctions. However, in most cases, the threats can be best categorized as empty bluster.

  • “You’ll never get a dime unless you do this my way.” This just is not true. Community property states lay out exactly how marital assets are divided. In other states, a judge has the final say.
  • “I’d rather go to jail than pay you a single dime.” If a spouse fails to live up to court-ordered support payments, you can take steps to garnish their wages. In most cases, when faced with going to jail for defying a court order, the offending party usually opts to pay voluntarily.
  • “I’d rather quit my job than make any payments to you.” This one can be a little more difficult to fight. Try to record this threat or get a witness. A judge can order them to continue making payments.
  • “I will reconcile with you if we put everything in my name.” This is less a threat and more an attempt to dupe you into signing away future claims to marital property. Never let anyone have full financial control over your life.

Rely on the Knowledge of an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney

The divorce process can be a very emotional experience, leaving some people feeling vulnerable and even frightened. Matters do not improve if one spouse attempts to take advantage of the situation by issuing threats. Working with an experienced Kendall County divorce lawyer can offer one great relief and support.

The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. offers clients the protection they need through a meticulous and thorough application of the law, and issuing appropriate responses to illegal activities of others involved in the divorce. To understand your rights in a divorce, contact our offices today and schedule a free initial consultation.



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divorce-rateIt is probably a safe bet to say that everyone who marries thinks that union will last forever. Why else would they bother? However, divorce is a fact of life, and there are a number of factors that play a part in the erosion and eventual dissolution of a marriage. Stress on a marriage comes from many sources, and a person’s job is among them.

Are You Working Toward a Divorce?

It has become known that workers in some industries experience divorce at higher rates than those in others. Whether it is the long hours, required travel or stress of the job that carries over to the homelife, the career someone chooses could impact the length of their marriage. Here’s a partial list of those lines of work that tend to experience higher than normal divorce rates.

The duties and responsibilities of first-line enlisted military supervisors place an unusual strain on a marriage. The added stress of deployment often adds to the unusually high rate of divorce among those in these roles.

Although a career in supply chain logistics comes with a pretty nice salary, it also includes long hours, a heavy workload and extra stress. Occasional overtime does not help.

Auto technicians and mechanics work long, hard hours poking around the underside of vehicles. Coming home tired, dirty and achy usually does not put one in the mood for family fun time. Evening and weekend hours may add to the spouse’s frustration.

Chemical technicians spend long and irregular hours in the lab. Afterall, one cannot always predict how long a research process will take to deliver results. The required hyper-attention to job details tends to detract from the attention needed at home.

The less than glamorous life of a food prep or service worker includes dealing with rude customers, long hours and low pay. Working weekends and irregular shifts do not always help sustain a stable relationship.

Nonfarm animal caretakers provide an inordinate amount of patience, understanding, and compassion as part of the job, which can leave one emotionally drained by the time they get home. This may leave very little of those virtues for those at home.

Retain an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney to Secure Your Post-Marriage Future

Regardless of the reasons that led to your decision to seek a divorce, it is important to work with an experienced and knowledgeable Aurora divorce lawyer to ensure a fair and equitable settlement of marital assets. The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., uses in-depth experience and resources to conduct a thorough review of your claims, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Contact them today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss all the options available.


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