Illinois child support attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Everyone has a habit that others find annoying or irritating, but something like biting one’s fingernails probably doesn’t qualify as a marriage breaker. However, those who work with couples and deal with divorce tend to hear about the things that spouses do that ultimately lead to the end of a marriage.

Potentially Destructive Behavior

While infidelity certainly has a damaging impact on any marriage, there are far more subtle actions a spouse might engage in that can harm a partner and move a relationship beyond the point of repair. If you engage in any of the following behaviors or recognize them in your spouse, it might be a red flag that your marriage is headed for divorce:

  • Fixating on the other person’s shortcomings: Perhaps they are not as funny as a previous partner or don’t clean the kitchen as well as you’d like, even keeping mental notes on these perceived failings could spell doom.
  • Talking bad behind their back: This can happen when surrounded by friends and the conversation turns to spouses. It is one thing to share opinions with your spouse, but when you begin trash talking them behind their back it could be a bad sign of things to come.
  • Different financial strategies: If you have one way of handling financial matters and your spouse takes a completely different approach to these matters it can have detrimental results.
  • Failing to consider the other’s point of view: If you can’t take your spouse opinion into consideration that lack of empathy can create a much deeper problem.
  • Turning every disagreement into a fight: If you (or your spouse) tend to make a huge issue from the slightest matters, and argue aggressively when a calm discussion would suffice it could be a sign of a larger problem.
  • Never fighting: Sometimes couples need to fight. It allows one to express themselves honestly and show they are invested in making the relationship work. When the fighting stops completely it tends to signal a lack of concern and that the end is near.

Rely on the Counsel of an Experienced Aurora Divorce Lawyer for Best Results

Going through a divorce is not something one should attempt to handle without the help of an experienced attorney. Contact a DuPage County divorce attorney who offers extensive experience providing pertinent advice throughout the divorce process. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C., offers the attention to detail required to ensure thorough representation and complete protection of your rights. To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer, contact our offices today.



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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Many believe that open and honest communication is an important part of maintaining a good relationship. However, that same thing can be said for those going through a divorce who wish to find a fast resolution, as well as need to maintain some form of relationship with their ex-spouse once the marriage has ended.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open and Positive

No two people begin a marriage with the thought that it will end prematurely. However, open and calm communication tends to be more productive in seeing the divorce through to a satisfying resolution. Here are few tips to consider while attempting to maintain open communication during your divorce.

  • Although they may be the last person to whom you wish to speak, sitting across a table from your spouse to discuss how each foresees divorce proceedings taking place can help each better prepare for the coming months.
  • Document divorce communications by keeping track of emails and phone calls, the nature of each and subjects discussed.
  • Never, ever put your children in the middle of divorce communication. Do not use your children to relay messages as sometimes, through no fault of their own, a child might miscommunicate an important detail or forget to pass the message altogether.
  • Keep open the lines of communication with your attorney. Regardless of how innocuous you might consider that most recent conversation, text or email with your spouse, keep a record and provide it to your attorney. You never know when it might become important in the future.

Healthy Communication

It never hurts to find someone to whom you can open up about what you are experiencing. Getting things off your chest can help you maintain peace in your life.

  • Find a friend who will let you go on and on about your divorce, perhaps someone who had a similar experience and understands that through which you are going.
  • A therapist or other mental health professional will not only listen but even provide guidance for handling emotional issues as they arise.

A Knowledgeable Illinois Divorce Attorney Can Help Reduce the Stress of the Process

It is important to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who understands the importance of applying a fair, yet firm approach to divorce proceedings. Work with an Aurora divorce lawyer who provides the balance of experience and compassion you need to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C., apply the resources necessary to secure a satisfactory resolution, whether through annulment, mediation or litigation. Contact the offices today to schedule an initial consultation.




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divorce-financesBoth marriage and divorce create a wide variety of financial scenarios that impact both spouses, as well as children, over the course of months and years. Some believe the best way to maintain financial security, even before a divorce is considered, is to keep a secret account with funds of which your spouse is not aware.

Positive Aspects of a Secret Fund

Husbands and wives may find that opening a separate account apart from any joint accounts becomes a necessity. Some pros for doing so include:

  • A “secret” account can be both financially and emotionally empowering. Some people need to maintain an element of individuality that marriage may not otherwise permit.
  • Women’s advocates insist maintaining financial independence is important. Should a divorce become imminent that independence may be beneficial.
  • You, and you alone, control how the funds of this account are spent.

Some Arguments Against

Regardless of how empowering or independent a secret bank account may make the holder feel, the idea of opening and keeping such an account must be approached with great consideration and delicate care. There are negative aspects associated with keeping a secret account. Some of those include:

  • Even if it is not intended to do so, secrets have been known to ruin marriages. Should your spouse learn of the secret fund, it could lead to other accusations. The snowball effect could ensue and result in a contentious divorce.
  • You can be accused of hiding assets by a divorcing spouse. If divorce proceedings are opened, it is important that the “secret” account become part of the record.
  • You risk facing a charge of asset dissipation.

What Is Right for You?

If, through the course of your marriage, you determine that opening an account without the knowledge of your spouse is the right thing to do, then it might be a good idea to keep detailed records of where the funds originate and for what they were used. For example, paying for groceries or medical costs may be looked upon more favorably by a judge than spa treatments or other personal luxuries.

Retain the Services of an Experienced Illinois Divorce Attorney

As you prepare for a divorce it is critical to invest in knowledgeable and experienced counsel. To ensure your rights and financial interests are protected take time to find the Aurora divorce and alimony lawyer that best suits your needs. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C., work to protect your financial future and create a situation that results in a final divorce decree that will not create a hardship for you and any dependents. Contact the office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.


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Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,If you are headed for a divorce, an amicable parting and division of marital property definitely is the best case scenario. However, it does happen when one party may attempt to conceal certain assets or even disguise the value of property in an attempt to get out of the marriage with more than the other party.

What to Look For and Where to Look

Here are a few things to look for when faced with a divorce, especially if you think it is something your spouse may have been planning for some time.

  • Large sums of cash can be converted into artwork, jewelry, new tools, appliances, or sports equipment. If you notice a number of new purchases it is important to keep track of the date purchased and the value of the items.
  • Using joint savings to suddenly repay a large debt. This allows the spouse to avoid carrying the debt after the divorce but have it settled with marital assets.
  • Through a prearrangement with a relative or friend, a spouse may use joint savings to pay a “fake debt,” with the understanding the money will be returned to them after the divorce is settled.
  • No-interest investments, such as Series EE Bonds and some Municipal Bonds, are not reported because they pay no interest. If you are unaware that your spouse owns such investments, it may be difficult to find them.
  • A spouse that works in a predominantly cash business, may pocket large sums of cash and avoid reporting it on tax returns or financial disclosure statements.
  • Delayed bonuses or work contracts: spouses have been known to put off accepting large bonuses or sales commissions in an effort to keep that money from being identified as marital assets.

Divorce lawyers who suspect a spouse is hiding assets may work with an investigator or financial forensics expert to conduct a thorough search and review on your behalf. Sometimes it is as simple as observing one’s lifestyle to determine if their expenses are in line with their reported income.

Work with a Knowledgeable DuPage County Divorce Attorney to Assure Fair Asset Division

If you are convinced that your spouse is hiding assets to prevent sharing the value with you as part of a divorce settlement, your best course of action is securing the services of an Aurora divorce lawyer who is experienced in uncovering hidden property. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C., use every resource available to produce an accurate account of everything with value that is eligible for fair allocation. Contact the office to learn how we put our services to work for you.



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