Will separate bank accounts create a happier marriage and prevent divorce, divorce, divorce finances, martial assets, bank accountsOne of the most common reasons for divorce, along with cheating, is financial issues. Studies show that couples who argue about money are more likely to split.

Although the number of married couples opening separate bank accounts is increasing (a TD Bank survey shows that 42 percent of couples have both individual and joint bank accounts), it remains taboo for spouses to maintain individual bank accounts.

However, there are several reasons that married couples should go against the grain and opt for separate bank accounts:

  1. It can keep the peace in your marriage. Couples often differ on how, when, and where to spend money and what to invest in. One spouse may be more of a saver and the other spouse may value spending. This can cause tension in the marriage as both partners argue over the spending habits of the other.
  2. Debt. If your partner was in debt in the past, it may be best to have a joint account while maintaining an individual bank account on the side. This is because people who were previously in debt risk falling into debt again. In addition, if your partner is currently in debt, having an individual account can allow you to save some money and prevent your spouse from spending it.
  3. Autonomy and independence. When individuals marry, they share everything: a home, a bed, and an entire life together. Having separate bank accounts can allow them to maintain some financial independence and have some sense of autonomy intact—which can prevent spouses from feeling stifled by each other.
  4. Trust. Many believe that when couples only have joint bank accounts, it shows that they trust each other. However, having separate checking accounts portrays the trust you have in your partner spending wisely. And if he or she does not spend wisely? Then you can relax knowing you have an individual, protected bank account with funds your partner cannot access.
  5. Divorce. In the case of a divorce, having separate bank accounts would prevent your spouse from accessing your funds temporarily. In addition, individual checking accounts allow couples to pay for legal and daily expenses while a divorce is pending.

Why women should have their own bank accounts

Women should further consider having their own bank accounts because not only does it strengthen their confidence, self-determination, and self-independence, it can help them if their relationship is in trouble. Jeff Landers, a divorce financial strategist, finds that in his experience many women’s husbands empty a joint bank account when a divorce case is pending. Even if you and your spouse have a strong, content relationship, you leave yourself financially vulnerable when you depend on a joint bank account and rely on your spouse to handle all of the household funds. And with women experiencing a significant decline in their incomes following divorce, your financial future is even more at risk if you do not have control over your own finances.

What works well is unique for every married couple. However, since there are benefits to having a joint and separate bank account, an arrangement that includes both may be best.

Aurora Divorce Attorneys

Although strong financial planning and separate bank accounts can help ease the marital tension that could lead to divorce, they are not the solution for all relationship issues. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, contact one of our well-qualified Kendall County divorce lawyers today.










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How your Social Media Practices Can Damage your Child Custody Case, family law, divorce, child custody, social media, aurora child custody lawyersOn May 3, 2017, YouTube stars Michael and Heather Martin lost custody of their two children as a result of a video they posted on YouTube. In the video, Michael and Heather Martin spilled invisible ink on the carpet in one of the children’s rooms. They then blamed their children for ruining the carpet, and the children cried as their parents yelled and cursed at them. Finally, Heather and Michael Martin laughed and told their children it was a prank. As seen in the video, the children were not amused.

The video of the prank went viral and prompted the creation of an online petition calling on Child Protective Services (C.P.S.) to remove the children from Michael and Heather Martin’s home. C.P.S. took the children in and Rose Hall, the children’s biological mother, was granted emergency custody.

This situation highlights the impact social media can have in situations like child custody. Your use of social media should be even more stringent if you are going through a child custody battle. Electronic evidence in the form of social media posts and pictures can be used in court if the evidence meets a certain criterion.

How to Use Social Media Properly During a Child Custody Case

When it comes to best social media practices, there are a few steps you can take to avoid hurting your chances of winning a child custody case:

1. Show your best self on social media. Ranting about your former spouse on Facebook or posting a picture of yourself intoxicated on Instagram will not make you look good in front a judge. Make sure your social media profiles portray you as a responsible parent.

2. Avoid negativity. Do not post deprecating comments about your ex, your former spouse’s attorneys, or the judge on social media. Your ex-spouse’s lawyers can use your comments to portray you in a negative light in court.

3. Do a social media cleanse. Even if your social media accounts are set to private, attorneys are skilled in navigating legal ways to obtain your social media account information. You may be required to provide your profile information if your former partner’s attorneys file a discovery request against you.

Go through your social media networks and delete negative posts about your spouse and his or her lawyers. In addition, remove any pictures or statuses that could suggest you are irresponsible or exercise poor judgment. Delete statuses, tweets, and videos in which you complain or vent about your children—lightheartedly or otherwise.

Contact an Accomplished Child Custody and Family Attorney in Kendall County

It can be difficult to manage your online reputation during a custody case. At The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., our diligent and understanding child custody attorneys help ease the process. We serve our clients with the utmost dedication and compassion in child custody cases. Contact our Aurora child custody lawyers today.






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What Is Worse: Getting Fired or Getting a Divorce, divorce, family law, grief, law office, after divorce“I think we should part ways.”

Who would you rather hear these words from? Your employer or your significant other?

Last week, What Works Center for Wellbeing and the University of East Anglia found in a study that men and women who are terminated do not fully recover emotionally. However, the researchers saw that people who are divorced do completely heal at some point in their life.

What Works Center for Wellbeing discovered that getting fired leads to a more significant decrease in life satisfaction than getting divorced or widowed does. This is because people who are unemployed are increasingly discontent in the years following their termination. With a stagnant economy, job seekers—especially those who were fired—are finding it difficult to obtain employment. This causes job seekers’ self-confidence and self-worth to take a nosedive.

In contrast, people who are divorced or widowed will eventually regain contentment in life, especially if they find another partner.

How You Can Heal After Divorce

While recovering from divorce may not take as much time as rebounding from unemployment, divorce can still have a profound emotional impact on a person. Below are a few ways you can help yourself heal after a divorce:

1. Seek help. Share your feelings and grief with your loved ones. Do not distance yourself from them because their emotional support is vital to your recovery.

2. Talk to a therapist. It can be beneficial for your mental health to speak to a professional who is not emotionally involved or affected by your divorce like your loved ones might be.

3. Give yourself time. Going through the divorce process, looking after your children, and working can cause personal time to become less of a priority. However, you need personal time for self-reflection, relaxation, and healing. Go for a walk, read a book, or pursue an interest to keep your mind occupied for a little while on something other than the divorce.

4. Acceptance. One of the most important steps in beginning the healing process after divorce is accepting your new situation. The sooner you can accept the fact that you are getting divorced, the quicker you can pursue the healing process.

5. Shunning feelings of guilt and rejection. Many people experience guilt during or after a divorce. If you are the one in the relationship who is more responsible for deciding to end the marriage, you have no reason to feel guilty. Similarly, if you were the one in the marriage whose spouse decided to end the relationship, you may feel rejected. You cannot heal without addressing and resolving these feelings of rejection.

Divorce Attorneys in Aurora

Divorce can be a highly emotional time in life. Having a divorce lawyer can allow you to focus on your own health and your family’s well-being. At The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we have compassionate divorce lawyers who will assist you in the divorce process. Contact our dedicated DuPage County divorce attorneys today for an initial consultation.





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Calculating Child Support When the Paying Parent Has Multiple Court Orders, family law, child support, divorce, calculation child supportWhile sometimes determining child support is a straightforward matter, other cases present difficulties and gray areas. In these situations, an attorney is often required to assess the financial situation of the parents and determine how much is owed for the support of the child or children at issue.

One such complicating factor is if a parent has more than one child support obligation. For example, if a father has children with two different mothers, there may be more than one child support order, which may affect the obligations owed.

Child Support Law in Illinois
To understand the mechanics of this calculation, we must first review the general law on child support calculations in Illinois. Beginning July 1, 2017, Illinois will be using the “income shares” method of determining child support. Under this model, courts will require each parent to prove their net income and then use tables to set the child support amount.

Determining Net Income
There are numerous deductions a parent can take when calculating his or her net income. For example, a parent can deduct income taxes and health insurance premiums from his or her gross income. Another deduction that can be made is child support already being paid for the benefit of another child.

Order May Affect Your Child Support Amount
Due to this allowance, it may matter if you are the first or subsequent party seeking child support from this parent. If you are the second or later child support order, the other parent’s net income will be less than if no other orders are in place.

The Effect of the New Child Support Laws
If you already have a court order for child support payments, nothing will change. An order to modify a child support order is eligible for review every three years or where there is a ‘significant change in circumstances” (either with the needs of the child or the income of a parent).

The change in the law does not provide a “significant change in circumstances” that would allow for a modification of a support order.

Contact an Aurora Child Support Attorney
Child support is a critical issue for the overall well-being of your family no matter if you are the payor or payee parent. A skilled family law attorney can review your case and determine if it is likely that a court would approve a change to your child support order.

Call the qualified Kendall County child support lawyers of The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. at 630-409-8184 to set up your initial meeting with our firm.



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