Obama Care may Help Divorcees Have Less Costly Health Insurance

LauraAccording to a study from the University of Michigan, women in the past have been extremely vulnerable when obtaining a divorce with regard to health insurance benefits. A study found that about 115,000 women lose their private health insurance coverage during a divorce, a statistic that can be extremely troubling for older divorcing couples where neither member is old enough for Medicare. Women who relied on their husbands for health insurance coverage would face serious challenges after a divorce, but changes from the Affordable Care Act may help to close that gap.

Many women who are too young for government sponsored healthcare programs don’t have outside jobs or opportunities to obtain their own health coverage. Many times, former spouses will qualify for post-divorce health benefits through COBRA, but this insurance option is extremely expensive and limited to around 36 months. The high cost of health insurance can be extremely challenging for older women, who typically don’t have as much money in retirement savings plans as men do.

On January 1st, health insurance options for older divorcing women should become more accessible. One of the biggest changes in healthcare that will have positive results for women is that insurance companies will no longer be eligible to deny individuals as a result of pre-existing conditions. This is a major breakthrough for older women who may have suffered from any type of pre-existing or chronic condition. Previously, these women would have struggled to get health insurance coverage at all, going without it (and critical preventive care) until they reached the age for Medicare.

Older women considering divorce will now have less stress with regard to health insurance and coverage from the husband. They will still be able to obtain affordable coverage through the new healthcare reform if they move forward with their divorce. If you’re contemplating divorce and need more information, contact an Illinois divorce attorney today.


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