Casey Kasem’s Children Say his Wife Refuses to let Them see Him

The adult children and siblings of “American Top 40” host Casey Kasem have taken to the media to share their heartache and frustration over not being allowed to visit or speak with the beloved 81 year-old radio personality.

  Kasem suffers from advanced Parkinson’s Disease and according to his family, his wife, actress Jean Kasem, has shut the family completely out of their father’s life for the past three months. She won’t answer any of their phone calls and when they show up at their father’s home to visit him, Jean Kasem turns them away.

Out of frustration, the family recently staged a protest in front of the Kasem home. His three adult children, along with his brother and close friends stood in front of their father’s estate with protest signs that read, “Jean, why won’t you let me see Dad?”, “Why?”, “Casey, we are your voice now” and “Casey we love you!”

Jean Kasem, who may be best known for her role as Loretta Tortellini in the long-running television show Cheers, answered their protest by calling the police.

There have been accusations that the children only want to see Kasem in order to get access to his money. But Kasem’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, was interviewed by CNN and she responded to those accusations by saying, “My dad told us a long time ago we were not in the will, and we’re OK with that. We’ve known that for years,” she said. “I’ve never asked him for anything, nor have I asked Jean for anything.” The children report that they all have private trusts that were established a long time ago and have known for years they are not named in their father’s will.

Jean Kasem has declined to issue any public statements regarding the issue.

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