Could a Divorce Coach Help You?

Just as many people hire the services of a wedding planner when they decide to say “I do”, there are many people today who retain the services of a divorce coach when the time comes to say “I don’t”.

 Aurora divorce attorneyA divorce coach assists people in gaining the emotional strength needed to get through the whole divorce process. They help clients adjust to the major decisions one faces in a divorce – the child custody issues (including parental alienation syndrome), changes in lifestyle, finances, family dynamics – the list goes on.

Some people getting divorced have several divorce coaches, each one specializing in an aspect of the divorce, such as child custody or finances. What divorce coaches can’t do is provide legal advice. That’s still left in the hand of attorneys. And just as it’s important for people to research the background of an attorney they are going to retain, it’s also important for people to research the background of the divorce coach they may hire.

An article in the Huffington Post offers three different areas where a divorce coach can be beneficial to a person going through a divorce.

The first area is pre-legal advice. Many people vent to their attorneys about frustrations with their soon to be ex and other emotional feelings they are struggling with. As sympathetic as your attorney may be, their job is to represent you and guide you through the legal process. That’s what they’re trained to do. But a good divorce coach will have training that will help guide you through the emotional healing process that’s also needed when a couple is splitting up.

Another area is what is referred to as “hand-holding”. Many times, family and friends of divorcing couples are also very emotionally involved in the process and it’s difficult for them to be able to give neutral advice that would be the most beneficial. Parents who know their son-in-law has been unfaithful to their daughter may be pushing the daughter to keep the children away from their father, “take him to the cleaners”, etc. They have their own healing to do. A divorce coach can offer advice which isn’t clouded by those types of feelings.

A divorce coach can also help in the organization that’s needed in divorces. All the paperwork dealing with taxes, child-support and other financial issues can be very confusing, but a divorce coach can help keep all that in order for you.

The breakup of a marriage and going through a divorce is a very difficult time, no matter what the circumstances. Contact an experienced Aurora divorce attorney today to make sure you have the best legal representation possible.

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