Signs that a Divorce is Coming

signs of divorceEvery relationship has its ups and downs and marriage is no exception. The person who will file for divorce is often the one that perceives issues in the marriage more deeply.  It is important to know the signals of an impending divorce for the spouse that does not see it coming.

A very common sign that a divorce is imminent is a lack of conflict resolution.  That might mean that one spouse talks about problems in the marriage yet the other spouse does nothing to fix these concerns.  Or it can be that the spouses never developed a way to constructively move through important issues.  Not having resolution to problems can lead to resentment and a deteriorating marriage.

Another common warning sign of divorce is a lack of physical intimacy or affection.  Part of any marriage is the discussion of feelings for each other that strengthens the bond.  The other part is the physical manifestations of love.  If you have noticed a decrease in physical closeness, then there is a problem that should be addressed.

If you are serious about keeping your marriage working then you need to address these issues as well as others.  Find a way to talk to your spouse without blaming them.  Remember that a marriage takes teamwork to be successful in a relationship.  Brainstorm other ways to be better about asking your spouse for help or other ways you can show them how you feel.

For situations that are beyond repair, start preparing for a divorce.  There can be certain benefits of being the first to file for divorce.   It will allow you to gather important documents you need for a divorce such as insurance policies, bank statements, and retirement account statements.  Contact an experienced divorce attorney in Aurora today who can assist you from the petition to divorce to the final decree.

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