What to do if a Guardian Ad Litem is Appointed in Your Child Custody Case

If you are headed to court to discuss child custody, you might be wondering the purpose of a guardian ad litem. This court-appointed attorney is sometimes brought into the fray to provide an additional opinion regarding the best interests of the children. The guardian ad litem in your case will craft a report with recommendations for custody, so it’s important that you understand the role this individual can play during your divorce and after you have received your decree.

guardian ad litemIllinois statutes require that guardians ad litem be able to interview the children without any impediments or limitations. This is usually done early on through an order that provides access to the child and any necessary documents that might relate to the child.

The guardian ad litem is responsible for reviewing all of the materials and making custody recommendations, typically in a report presented to the judge. The judge doesn’t necessarily have to rely on the guardian ad litem’s recommendations, but in most scenarios, this will factor into the final custody decision handed down by the court.

If this attorney for the children has been appointed in your case, treat this individual professionally and allow him or her to speak with the children during your time as needed. If you have any documentation or other evidence that you would like the guardian ad litem to review, present to them in an organized manner.

In most divorce cases where a guardian ad litem has been appointed, be aware that the couple will be responsible for splitting the cost of the GAL’s time. Make sure you are prompt with your review of the bill and pay it as soon as possible.

If you would like more details on how guardians ad litem work in Illinois, speak directly with your Aurora family lawyer today.


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