Coping with PTSD after a Divorce

post traumatic stress IMAGEAlthough many divorces can produce emotional challenges for one or both spouses, those who have an abusive spouse or mentally ill spouse might face additional difficulties during and after a divorce. If you are contemplating getting a divorce and these situations apply to you, you will really want to invest time and energy in selecting the right Illinois family law attorney to handle your case. Attorneys with experience and understanding can really make a difference.

Whether mental illness was present throughout the relationship prior to marriage or whether the symptoms manifested during the marriage, many devoted spouses will attempt to make things work or to get the help they think their spouse might need. In many cases, this is very admirable. It’s difficult to sometimes see the impact that this can have on you. For example, women who have lived with spouses suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or physical abuse might develop coping mechanisms for the duration of their marriage. When divorce occurs, they have to adjust to a new way of life, sometimes with the battle scars from their marriage.

Moving on after a difficult marriage can mean dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. “Post-traumatic stress disorder is a normal emotional and psychological reaction to trauma (a painful or shocking experience)”, which can include a bad marriage, and/or a divorce.

If you are thinking about going through divorce or if you are in the initial stages of filing, don’t’ forget to take care of you. Even after a divorce has ended, you might find that you are dealing with the emotional ramifications of living with a spouse afflicted with violent tendencies or mental illness.

Seek your own inpatient care or counseling opportunities to allow you to heal and to develop strategies that will help you achieve closure on the issue. There’s no shame in recognizing that a difficult marriage may continue to impact you even after the divorce decree has been issued. If you or someone you know is thinking about divorce, consider contacting an Illinois family law attorney to learn more about the process. An experienced attorney can make the process easier for you.

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