Can Collaborative Divorce Help Me?

Collaborative DivorcePerhaps you’re having nightmares or anxiety over your impending divorce. Maybe you and your soon to be ex-spouse are on decent terms, but you’re worried about how that might change in the courtroom, and possibly even how that might affect your children. The typical legal approach to divorce is not always the best one for your situation, and collaborative divorce is a new avenue that couples are using to resolve the pressing divorce issues without any of the disadvantages of going to court.

Collaborative family law can be thought of like a problem-solving process: divorcing individuals and their lawyers work together to create an effective strategy for resolving issues outside of court. This involves a pledge not to go to court, a promise to exchange information promptly and in good faith without formal discovery, and a commitment to stay focused on reaching a solution that is best for the parties and their children.

To get started with a collaborative divorce, you need to identify an attorney who is experienced in this field of the law. Lawyers who practice collaborative law are future-focused: rather than getting involved in legal arguments over what happened in the past, collaborative attorneys are committed to creating workable solutions for the future.

If a client is found to be less than honest or proceeding in bad faith, collaborative law attorneys will withdraw from the process entirely. While collaborative law requires a fair amount of trust and honesty from both parties, when it works, you’ll find that you won’t experience many of the negative divorce aspects that other couples are faced with. Odds are that your case will be resolved more quickly and at much less expense for you in addition to reducing trauma for you and your children.

In situations where you don’t want the adversarial nature of the courtroom, a collaborative divorce can work to your advantage. If you’d like to learn more about collaborative law, contact an Aurora collaborative divorce lawyer today.

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