Despite Valentine’s Day, February Leads in Divorces

Valentine's Day Divorce IMAGE“Roses are red, violets are blue… I made a mistake in marrying you!” The Huffington Post reports that despite the fact that February is usually hailed as the most romantic month, a time for lovers to present roses and cards and sweet nothings, there are more divorces in February than any other month. “Perhaps this is because seeing other couples express their Valentines’ affection serves as a wake up call that our hearts are no longer in it,” the Huffington Post suggests. It could also be the cold weather and the withdraw of holiday warmth” that leaves us frigid in January and ready to act by the following month.

With more than half of all marriages in America ending in divorce, it seems a common and easy occurrence. Yet according to the Huffington Post, “if you think buying flowers and chocolates is expensive, try getting divorced. The process gets longer and more expensive every year.” Because of this, the importance of having a family law attorney on your side cannot be overstated. Hiring the right attorney can help you to mitigate costs and unnecessary delays. Having an attorney who works for you can save you heartache, time, and cold hard cash., according to CNN Money, reports seeing a 40 percent increase in the number of people “seeking information and advice about divorce in the period right after Valentine’s Day.” CNN Money also reports that the number of divorce filings during February is 18 percent higher than in the average month. But “February has factors other than the holiday that could lead to an increase in divorces`,” reports CNN Money, among them the fact that January is the busiest month for bankruptcies. Couples could realize the financial problems that divide them, for example.

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