Couples With Failed Fertility Treatments More Likely To Pursue Divorce

 fertility treatment IMAGEThere are any number of factors that might cause a couple to grow apart or to have more fights. The desire to have children and the stressful situations that can unfold when a couple struggles to conceive might lead a couple down the path to divorce. New research says that couples who are unsuccessful at conceiving a child after several years of trying are three times as likely to divorce as those couples who eventually achieve success.

Danish researchers followed women who received fertility treatments between 1990 and 2006. At the end of the study, nearly two-thirds of the women in the cohort had been able to give birth to a child. More than 40 percent of the women who had not been successful reported that the person with whom they had been living at the outset of fertility evaluation was no longer residing in the same home.

These findings support the argument that issues with infertility are some of the most serious that a couple can face, putting strain on even the best of relationships. Women who are unable to conceive even after specialized treatments may feel guilty and frustrated, and communication is critical for these couples to heal together. Some couples might not agree on appropriate next steps, especially if one party wants to consider adoption while another wants to give up entirely.

Researchers believe that being unable to achieve success with fertility treatments can lead couples to a grieving process. This can be a very challenging process to work through, leading couples to ultimately split up. In past studies, women involved in these situations reported low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness after being unable to conceive. Depression was also common for these women.

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