What is Gray Divorce?

gray divorce, baby boomers, lawyer, attorney, marriage, Illinois, divorceHas divorce become another rite of passage for older Americans in the baby boomer generation? New research suggests that Americans over the age of 50 are twice as likely to get divorced as people of that age were two decades ago.

Older individuals might have their own unique challenges in the divorce process: ending a marriage after many years of routines and grown children can be difficult. Family get-togethers with grandchildren might feel uncomfortable or a spouse might have to adjust to managing household finances that they have never done before. For some older people, being lonely is a common feeling reported by gray divorcees.

One of the most common challenges for those considering divorce in the baby boomer generation is the concept of drifting apart. After several decades together, couples might be headed in different directions. As older children leave the house to pursue education or careers, this gap might be more pronounced, leading couples to go their separate ways.

Saying goodbye is not easy, but it’s even harder when you have years of established routines together. Couples who vacationed together may never want to return to their old haunts again. Young grandchildren might ask questions about why grandma and grandpa aren’t together anymore. These can be painful experiences.

Despite these challenges, gray divorce can lead to a satisfying life. Many older individuals use this as a time to pursue old hobbies or pick up new ones, connect with friends, or think about what goals they would like to accomplish. For some, it’s like hitting a “refresh” button that allows them to grab hold of life all over again.

Although there are unique aspects to parting ways after many years together, it can be an emotional release for older couples. If you are thinking about getting divorced, contact an Illinois family law attorney today.

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