Workaholics Face Health and Relationship Challenges

workaholic, reason for divorce, relationship, marriage, Illinois divorce, Chicago attorneyIs your spouse well-known for going the extra mile at work, possibly to the detriment of your family? It’s not just the long hours that workaholics put in, but the physical and mental stress that is carried home. Over the long term, this can influence your marriage and cause you to think about whether legal separation or divorce is the right choice for you.

A study found that workers who put in more than 11 hours each day face a higher risk of depression. Keeping long hours or constantly working overtime can lead to sleep loss, which can cause irritability around the house.

Children, too, can be influenced by having one parent who puts in a significant amount of time and effort and work. With higher levels of tension around the house, there’s a bigger chance of fights breaking out and resentment between spouses.

Those who work overtime often are at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems, which can lead to additional stress if those symptoms and complications affect your relationship. Those with limited health coverage might see higher medical bills from a spouse who has heart disease or other cardiovascular issues, causing worry on top of financial duress.

A spouse who works too much, whether it’s by choice or by design, is more likely to adopt behavior and habits that have ripple effects throughout their home. Where there is tension, stress, and physical influences, couples may argue with one another more often and may feel that they are growing apart in their marriage. There are many ways that a workaholic can have a negative impact on your marriage.

If you have tried to work things out but are not noticing a change, you are probably re-evaluating your marriage. Are you ready to talk separation or divorce? Contact an Illinois family lawyer today.

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