Can an Online Social Media Life Damage Real Life?

Aurora family law attorney, divorce rates, divorce trends, social media, social media and divorce, social network sites, human behavior, social media behaviorIs the overuse of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a predictor of marital dissatisfaction and divorce? A new Boston University study by James Katz, Feld Family Professor of Emerging Media Studies, found a correlation between using social network sites, spousal issues, and the divorce rate. In fact, the argument behind the study shows a strong connection between online behavior, human behavior, and divorce. And as social media use becomes more widespread across the country, it is likely that researchers will continue to explore the connection between relationships and social media.

To begin, the study reviewed married couples across 43 states between 2008-2010, and it looked at Facebook’s effect by dividing the number of account users in each state by the total population. It was found that a 20 percent increase in Facebook users generated a two percent increase in divorce rate.

The researchers also examined a study from the University of Texas at Austin. The 2011 research had polled 1,200 married individuals between the ages of 18 and 39 regarding the romantic quality of their marriage. Non-users of social media reported themselves as 11 percent happier than heavy users, and only half as likely to consider leaving their spouse.

Among heavy users of social media sites, such as Facebook, individuals were 32 percent more likely to consider divorce. And thus, the conclusions are logical: Facebook actively “recommends” new people to contact. Connecting with those recommendations for social support could precipitate discontent in a current relationship.

The use of Facebook and other social networking sites indicates that there may be ramifications for how we use those tools and how that use impacts personal relationships. Social media use could ultimately damage trust between a couple.

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