Is Mental Health Hurting Your Marriage?

Aurora family law attorney, mental health, psychological disorders, mental illness, substance abuse, divorce and mental illnessProblems with mental health and psychological disorders can place an extremely large stressor on any relationship, and can certainly contribute to many divorces across Illinois and the United States. The various symptoms of these vastly different medical conditions often go unaddressed, causing subversive conflict. And according to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 57.7 million American adults suffer from psychological disorders.

Considering the regular conflicts that arise in marriages every day, if one or both partners suffer from a psychological disorder, these problems can easily become amplified – and often accumulate over time. By definition marriage is a partnership. If one party has a problem it generally transfers to the other – whether intentional or not.

It is not uncommon for adults with no history of mental illness to develop a condition they are ill-prepared to deal with themselves. This can be a very serious problem amongst couples, especially when other common factors are thrown into the mix –  such as children and even substance abuse. Often, the sufferer begins to lose the ability to take care of him or herself, and as a result their partner must continue to get more and more vigilante.

It is easy to understand how this can turn into a burden, and subsequently a resentment. Trust issues can materialize and come to fruition with both the longevity and the severity of symptoms. Communication between partners can also become a problem in these situations. Not only does the already uncomfortable subject of mental health get harder to openly discuss, one spouse may feel slighted while the other is seemingly isolated.

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