Can a Spouse Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement?

 Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer, prenup, divorce negotiations, Signing prenuptial agreements has become a common practice before marriage, especially for wealthier individuals. They ensure a person’s wealth, assets, and property will not go to his or her spouse if the marriage ends in divorce. While it is true that prenuptial agreements are difficult to challenge, there are certain circumstances under which the court may omit certain stipulations within the agreement or throw it out completely.

Divorce cases are notoriously unpredictable. The intricacies of family law tend to make every case unique, and if a person wishes to challenge a prenuptial agreement, the matter becomes even more complex. For this reason, hiring an experienced family attorney may help ensure a more favorable outcome.

There are a number of common reasons for a prenup to be thrown out during divorce proceedings. One of the simplest is proving that the paperwork contains errors that make it invalid. This strategy may involve scrupulous amounts of paperwork analysis and verification, but it is not uncommon to find mistakes in a prenuptial agreement. While simple errors might not label the entire agreement invalid, they may render certain aspects of the agreement void.

Another common way a divorcing spouse can challenge a prenup is by demonstrating that unfair coercion or duress was a part of the agreement. While this is difficult to prove, it is usually the most effective way for the agreement to be completely thrown out.

Similarly, demonstrating that the agreement was not legitimate in the first place can quickly have it rendered invalid in court. One way to accomplish this is to prove that one spouse did not reveal the complete and honest value of his or her respective assets and property.

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