How to Help Your Child Adjust to a New School after a Divorce

divorce adjustments, Illinois child custody lawyer, Illinois divorce attorney,While there are no standard or predictable outcomes when it comes to a child custody battle, courts will try to find ways to maintain the children’s current state of living. This means neighborhoods, school districts, and similar aspects are priorities when considering custody agreements. However, in many cases, children end up having to change schools.

Some children have trouble relocating to new schools after a divorce. They must adapt to new teachers and find new friends, which can be a challenging. Fortunately, there are a few steps a parent can take to ease the process.

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Life

 Divorce affects each child differently. As such, it is hard to anticipate how to help a child adjust to their new way of life. Even a few years of an age difference can mean wildly different outcomes—especially if teenagers are involved. According to the National Association of School Psychologists, the first consideration is to avoid exposing children to any conflict between separating spouses.

 This means parents should avoid discussing matters with children that only concern the parents. Also, never attempt to present the other spouse in a negative light. This will allow the child to focus on adjusting to a new life rather than on the stress of the divorce.

Understanding How Important School Is to a Child’s Social Life

One of the first ways to help a child get used to a new school after a divorce is to support a healthy social life within the school. Since they will be spending six hours a day, five days a week at the school, it is important that they make new, positive friends. Asking about the children’s classmates and encouraging healthy social activities with these new classmates is a great way to start. It is also important for parents to learn about and encourage participation in any afterschool activities such as sports, drama programs, and music clubs.

Establishing Relationships with New Teachers

 For younger children—and sometimes even high-school students—parents should make a concerted effort to know each of their children’s teachers. This will play an important role in assuring the child is keeping up academically, as well as enjoying a new social life.

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