Three Tips for Legal Guardians Who Are Raising Teens

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, DuPage County divorce lawyer,It is never easy to predict how children will react to changes in changes in family life. Teenagers, in particular, can have a difficult time coping with the emotional challenges of a new familial structure.  Legal guardians often have a difficult task ahead of them: Providing care for minors who are not their own children. After the wake of a divorce, this can be particularly difficult. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to taking care of a teenager as a guardian.

 1. Get to Know Your Teenager

 While it may seem like a basic suggestion, taking the time to bond with a teenager and relate to his or her personality will often make a significant difference. According to WebMD, a frequent mistake guardians make is spending too much time wrapped up in the “theories” of parenting. They commit to reading parenting books and seeking advice elsewhere.

 2. Strive for Mindfulness

 It is no secret that teenagers can be extremely difficult to raise. With the world changing around them — especially after a divorce or other life event — life can be very stressful, and guardians must be mindful of this. Practicing patience, loving-kindness, respect, and a nonjudgmental attitude will not only help for the guardian’s own peace of mind, but it will also help the teen view his or her guardians as someone they can trust.

3. Make Yourself Available

 Though they may not say it, teens often crave attention and respect for their individual opinions. Unfortunately, given the chaotic nature of divorces and custody battles, teens can often feel ignored. Guardians should always strive to listen and, when appropriate, take part in the teen’s life. Having sit-down dinners and encouraging positive conversation can do wonders for the relationship.

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