Understanding Your Priorities during a Divorce

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, DuPage County divorce lawyer,Divorce is a challenging legal battle, as well as an emotional hurdle. Given that divorce is so common these days, it can be easy to underestimate what the process involves. Some people mistakenly assume it is as easy as signing a piece of paper. The truth, however, is that even the most amicable divorces can bring with them some legal intricacies that can make the procedure more complex. In many ways, getting through is about understanding priorities during a divorce. Being clear on the reason for divorce, judging the benefits of hiring an attorney, and making sure any children involved receive what they deserve are all a parts of coming out of a divorce satisfied and ready to take on a new life.

Determining the Type of Divorce

“Fault” and “no-fault” are the two main types of divorce recognized in Illinois. While many are already familiar with the types of divorce, it is not uncommon to see divorcing spouses who are unfamiliar with these terms and what they imply.

Put simply, a fault divorce indicates that a specific problem is causing the marriage to be unlivable or undesirable, according to the Illinois General Assembly. This can include abuse, abandonment, and even addiction.

No-fault divorces merely imply that no one was “at fault” for the failure of the marriage. The couple simply was not happy living together and chose to part ways. Understanding the type of divorce is critical as they have different legal stipulations.

Addressing the Needs of Any Children

If the divorce involves children, their well-being should be the most important priority. Courts value the interests and needs of the children above those of the mother and father. Contrary to popular opinion, the process of awarding custody does not necessarily favor the mother over the father.

It is important to identify the aspects of the children’s lives that play vital roles in their upbringing. These can include schools, community, friends they live near, and access to parks or other activities such as sports or games. These factors work into the final decision when it comes to child custody.

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