Relocating after Divorce

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, parental rights,Divorce comes with a seemingly endless list of life changes. A person’s financial and social lifestyles may alter dramatically when a marriage ends.

One of the most common and significant adjustments that divorcés face is relocating. Many ex-spouses move in with a friend or family member; some relocate to different states entirely. Before making the decision to move away, though, it is important to understand how crossing state lines can affect a divorce.

The truth is that each divorce is unique, which is why the guidance of an attorney may prove invaluable. If you are intending to move out of state before, during, or after a divorce, this article will introduce some important considerations.

Relocating after Divorce

Some marital experts disagree on whether or not making a drastic move to a new area is an emotionally wise decision. Much of this depends on the nature of the divorce.

Sometimes, moving to a new community can make a person feel lost and uncomfortable. Relocating may also distance that person from his or her support network, which can be vital during a divorce. Discussing the options with friends, family, or even a therapist may help a divorcée make smart decisions when relocating.

Moving with children after a divorce may lead to certain complications. According to the American Psychological Association, there are a number of serious emotional, familial, and legal issues to consider. If you want custody of the child and you wish to move, you may need to demonstrate that relocating is in the child’s best interests.

How State Laws Influence Divorce

In any divorce, one spouse must be a legal resident of the home state, usually for three months, before officially completing divorce papers. Without meeting this requirement, the divorce may fall under a different state’s laws.

Certain laws may prevent one spouse from moving during a divorce. A family lawyer from your state can help you assess the options.

Illinois Divorce Law

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