Billionaire Divorce Case Puts Prenuptial Agreement Laws in the Spotlight

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, prenup,A recent divorce case made headlines when a billionaire’s wife alleged that her marriage started under coercive circumstances. Since then, reports have gone back and forth, with both sides demonstrating their perspective of the failing marriage. Now, new details have surfaced that might threaten the husband’s interests.

According to the media reports, the wife claims her husband made it difficult for her to visit their homes in New York, Aspen, Hawaii, and Miami. She also claims that he limited access to her credit cards.

One of the trickier aspects of the ongoing battle is that the wife did, in fact, sign a prenuptial agreement. However, that has not stopped her from trying to convince the court to throw out the document.

Throwing out a Prenuptial Agreement

Many assume that the signing of a prenuptial agreement is a guaranteed method of securing assets in a divorce. While this is true in many cases, there are ways to prove that the document is either not valid or was signed without a complete understanding of the agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are not as straightforward as many assume. There are a number of requirements to legitimize the document; if these are not met, the prenup may be invalid. The law requires that the signers understand how much property both sides owns.

One common method of overturning a prenuptial agreements is by demonstrating that one spouse signed the document without complete awareness of its meaning, or the spouse signed under duress. If the contesting spouse can prove in court that the other spouse used the document as unfair leverage, the prenuptial agreement may be invalid.

Divorce Law in DuPage, Illinois

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