Parallels between Regular and High-Asset Divorces

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, marriage, asset division,Divorce is a reality for couples from all economic classes. Although the process of dividing assets, businesses, and bank accounts may be slightly more complicated for spouses with a high net worth, all divorce cases can be emotionally challenging and legally complex.

In addition to the emotional hardship, most divorce cases are similar on certain levels. Here is a breakdown of three parallels between high-asset divorces and regular cases:

1. Court etiquette is always important.

As with all legal matters, courtroom etiquette applies to divorce cases. It is always a smart idea to arrive on time—if not early—and to dress formally.

Before the court date, you and your attorney should both understand when to arrive, where to meet, and the pertinent details of the case. While much of this may seem like common sense, the stressful nature of divorce cases can make it easy to forget certain details that end up making the situation more complicated.

2. Disputes can arise quickly.

In a high net worth divorce, finances and property division often fuel disputes. However, many couples have difficulty agreeing on matters involving child custody, child support and property division. In these cases, the courts often have to make the final ruling, according to the Illinois General Assembly.

3. The guidance of a family lawyer may prove invaluable.

Although expensive divorces are quick to make the press, divorce laws are more or less the same for people of all economic classes. When it comes to ending a marriage, understanding your state’s laws can help you avoid making mistakes that could compromise your interests.

Divorce Law in DuPage County, Ill.

Having a divorce lawyer is beneficial for people of all economic classes. An attorney can explain the process and discuss your rights. If you wish to speak with an experienced Aurora family law attorney, contact the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. at [[phone]].

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