Parental Kidnapping: What Happens When a Non-Custodial Parent Takes a Child Illegally?

Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, parental rights,Losing custody of a child is a devastating prospect. Although most people think of divorce when they imagine child custody cases, the state can also assume custody of children if it determines that neither parent is fit to raise them. This often happens if one or both parents faces criminal charges.

 It is possible for parents to regain custody of children, however, some erroneously decide to take the law into their own hands. Suddenly a child custody case becomes a parental kidnapping case. A recent story demonstrates the consequences of breaking custody laws.

According to news reports, two non-custodial parents have been charged with abducting their own children eight years ago. Law enforcement arrested them in the state of Illinois.

The children had been missing since 2007. Those close to the case believed the parents had taken them illegally, but suspicions remained unconfirmed until the recent arrest.

Parents Who Want to Regain Custody Should Contact a Family Lawyer

Readers may be wondering how a person can face abduction charges in cases that involve their own children, but the fact is that custody laws are serious, and breaking them has consequences. Instead, parents who want to regain custody of their children should consult an experienced family attorney.

In custody cases that stem from divorce, each proceeding is unique. In cases when the court decides that neither spouse is a fit parent, custody may go to a legal guardian.

A legal guardian may be a family relative or friend, or even a teacher or another adult figure in the children’s lives. The court may consider the input of the parents and the child when appointing a legal guardian. If there is no suitable guardian, the child may end up in state custody.

Family Law in DuPage, Illinois

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