Reasons to Divorce When in a Bad Marriage

reasons to divorce, divorce, Aurora Divorce LawyerThere are hundreds of reasons people tend to stay in bad marriages long after they should be dissolved. This is one of the most toxic behaviors in which otherwise healthy adults engage—regardless of circumstances bad marriages are a bad idea. Less obvious is the thought that this is true whether or not you have children—sometimes staying in a bad marriage can actually be detrimental to the kids. Many kids who live in a household in which parents constantly fight experience more severe problems later in life than children of divorce whose parents were able to amicably move on with separate lives.

While many people customarily make resolutions for life changes every January, a bad marital situation pays no attention to the calendar. The present is is always a good time to reevaluate your situation and make necessary changes. “If you’ve been contemplating the idea of divorcing your spouse, but keep coming up with new excuses to put it off because you are afraid of the messy repercussions, then this is the year you need to let go and move on,” advises Corri Fetman, attorney, author and contributor to the Huffington Post. There is no shortage of reasons why divorce may be the best option, and when you are ready to take the next step, contact an Aurora family law attorney.

Longer marriages, even unhappy ones, tend to accumulate more assets and property as time passes. Not only do people headed for divorce oftentimes waste years trying to decide if dissolution is the best option, many end up putting more and more money away into savings or shared pension accounts. These assets are then sometimes lost, depending on your perspective, during property distribution. The time you spend deciding whether to divorce can have a significant financial impact on your future.

Reasons to initiate divorce if you have been contemplating it are not all tangible—a divorce can offer health benefits as well. An unhappy, unfulfilling marriage is not only uncomfortable for the spouses involved, it can also lead to depression and other problems, including, as recent studies have suggested, heart disease. Every person deserves affectionate, enthusiastic, and uplifting love. Divorce also forces people to reevaluate important things in life. This, of course, opens new doors both psychologically and physically.

When you are contemplating reasons to divorce, it is important to realize that an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney is available to answer your questions. Contact the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. to schedule a free consultation today. Our team is committed helping you find the path toward a more happy, productive future. Call  [[phone]] for an appointment.

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