Divorce Rate on the Decline Since the Recession

divorce rate, rate of divorce, DuPage County family lawyerWhile marriage and divorce are very personal decisions, social trends regarding the two are often tied to a large number of other factors. While an individual couple may be taking into account their own circumstances, the economic strength of the country as a whole may play a fairly significant role as well. In fact, according to recent studies, since the 2008 recession in the United States, the overall divorce rate has dropped by about 3 percent.

Marriage Rates Slightly Up Too

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that divorce rate fell again slightly in 2014 from 3.3 divorces per 1,000 total population in 2013 to 3.2 per 1,000. While the divorce rate spiked slightly between 2009 and 2011, it has since been steadily falling from its 2008 rate of 3.5 per 1,000 people.

For the first time in 15 years, however, 2014 saw a rise in the marriage rate as well, bumping up from 2013’s 6.8 marriages per 1,000 people to 6.9. The increase, while not particularly large, represents a reversing of a long-term downward trend.

Possible Factors

There are variety of possible reasons why the rate of divorce has been falling since the country’s economic recession. For many couples, divorce may simply seem too expensive. The costs associated with hiring an attorney, filing fees, and other expenses force a large number of financially disadvantaged couples to remain in unhealthy marriages or to informally separate with no legal protections.

Another major factor affecting both the marriage and divorce rates is the increasing social acceptance of cohabitation. More and more couples, especially younger couples are delaying marriage and moving in together. If the relationship breaks down, there is no marriage to dissolve, and, therefore, no divorce. Last year’s uptick in the marriage rate may be an indicator that more couples are eventually tying the knot, but whether such a trend will sustain remains to be seen. Experts are beginning to suggest that increasing selectivity regarding marriage for the current generations is causing the divorce rate to level off, even if the marriage rates are edging upward.

Legal Assistance from a Knowledgeable Lawyer

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