Preparing for Your Imminent Divorce

divorce, Aurora family law attorneyRegardless of how you may have reached the decision to end your marriage, doing so is merely the first step in a process that could last for months and present many challenges. Once you have decided to pursue a divorce, it is crucial to begin preparations immediately. Going into your divorce proceedings without a solid grasp on your situation can have disastrous results.

Whether you are about to file your petition for divorce or have recently filed, you should begin to:

Save Money

No matter how much you think you will spend on your divorce, chances are good you will end up spending more than that. Putting aside money is important because you may need to cover court costs, attorneys’ fees, and other expenses associated with the process. You may also need to find a new place to live, which often incurs the cost of a security deposit and moving expenses.

Inventory Your Assets

During your divorce, you and your spouse will eventually need to divide your marital property between you. The first step in this process is understanding what you actually own. Take stock of your property, including everything you can think of that was acquired during the marriage, including furniture, vehicles, savings accounts, and retirement funds. You should also assign a reasonable value for each asset, employing professional help when needed for more complex valuations.

Write Everything Down

While taking extensive notes may seem like overkill, depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you could yourself being forced to defend every decision you make. By keeping complete records of purchases and other expenditures, as well as filing dates and related information, you can be prepared for any challenges that could arise later.

Decide What You Want

Too many people go into the divorce process without a clear understanding of what they hope to get out of the proceedings. You can help yourself tremendously by determining in advance what an ideal divorce judgment looks like to you. What property or assets do you want to keep? Do you want primary residential responsibilities for your children? If you do not have a goal in mind, you may be forced to settle for less than you might otherwise have received.

Hire an Attorney

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prepare for a divorce is to retain the services of an experienced DuPage County divorce lawyer. A skilled legal professional can help you organize your thoughts, keep careful records, and navigate the divorce process from start to finish. If you are considering a divorce, call [[phone]] to schedule a confidential consultation at the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. today.



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