Guidelines Every Parent Must Follow After a Divorce

guidelines, Aurora divorce lawyerThroughout the state of Illinois, guidelines regarding visitation and child custody—now called parental responsibilities—have been established for divorcing parents who are in the process of making new parenting time transitions. These transitions affect the entire family. Not only do they impact the child’s lifestyle as a whole, but they also have the power to seriously alter the child’s perception of the separation. A smooth transition can mean the difference between a calm, positive experience for your child and an emotionally turbulent, traumatic one.

Your Role as Parent

As a parent undergoing a divorce, it is understandable to struggle with the many changes that come with such a big lifestyle shift. It is not uncommon for parents to experience conflict in front of their children, especially when it comes time to make parenting time (visitation) arrangements and address the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody). This is why state and county guidelines exist: to protect the well-being and the best interest of the children. The advantages of these guidelines are twofold. In addition to reducing the emotional toll on the children, parents also benefit by learning better communication and conflict resolution skills, often allowing them to mitigate much of their own stress as well.

Important Guidelines

Common visitation and custody guidelines you are expected to follow as a divorced parent in the state of Illinois include the following:

  • Refrain from discussing the conduct of the other parent in front of your child. Do not make negative comments about the parent or their extended family;
  • Do not discuss finances in the presence of the child, especially any specifics regarding amounts;
  • Do not interfere with the other parent’s visitation time in any way, regardless of any current disagreements;
  • Exercise clear communication with the other parent in regards to any change in visitation plans, such as meeting times and locations; and
  • Refrain from questioning your child about the time they spent with the other parent. Do not inquire about their activities, unless they volunteer the information. Only refer to your former spouse in a neutral, positive manner.

It is very important to adhere to these requirements, as the failure to do so can result in jail time, court action, and costly fines. Of course, such behavior can also have a negative impact on your children and your relationship with them.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your parenting time arrangements and are concerned about your child’s best interest, a qualified legal professional can help guide you and protect your parental rights. Contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney today for a confidential consultation.



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