The Divorce Selfie: Winning at Divorce

divorce, DuPage County divorce attorneysA couple years ago, an unexpected social media phenomenon was born when a divorcing couple in Florida posted a photo of themselves at the courthouse receiving their completed divorce paperwork. Instantly labeled a “divorce selfie,” the photo sparked a wave of similar posts from couples around the world—a trend that has continued to some extent even today. To many, such photos are making light of a very serious situation, but to the couples who post them, they are a reminder of their commitment to cooperation and a healthy future relationship.

Divorce Is Not a Game

When spouses are pitted against one another in a divorce, there can be no winners. One spouse may temporarily feel victorious when the court decides a certain way on a particular issue, but the ultimate result is often two lives—or more if children are involved—that have been permanently scarred. A cooperative divorce, by comparison, allows both spouses to remain in full control of the process, generally leading to settlement terms that actually benefit each party.

Stop the Escalation Before It Starts

A divorce does not need to be particularly complex for it to become contentiousness. Conversely, not every complex divorce will necessarily become hostile and bitter. Instead, you and your spouse have the ability to decide in advance that you will not negative emotions get in the way. In marriage, you agreed that you would meet the challenges ahead together, and you can do the same during your divorce.

To do so, the two of you must be able to communicate. Talk about what you need and what outcome would work best for each of you. You may be surprised how easily you can work together when each of you feels like an important part of the process.

It Will Take Work

This is not to suggest that a friendly divorce will happen just because you hope it will. It is going to require substantial effort from both you and your spouse. You should also keep in mind that you will probably have tougher days along the way—days when the thought of working with your spouse seems impossible. With the right attitude, however, and the guidance of an experienced divorce professional, such days are less likely to derail your efforts toward a positive divorce experience.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer

At the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, we believe that cooperation is a crucial part of the divorce process. We have helped many clients negotiate amicable divorce settlements without leaving any issues to be decided by the courts. To learn more about how we can help you, contact an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney today. Call [[phone]] for a confidential consultation.



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