What Is Worse: Getting Fired or Getting a Divorce?

What Is Worse: Getting Fired or Getting a Divorce, divorce, family law, grief, law office, after divorce“I think we should part ways.”

Who would you rather hear these words from? Your employer or your significant other?

Last week, What Works Center for Wellbeing and the University of East Anglia found in a study that men and women who are terminated do not fully recover emotionally. However, the researchers saw that people who are divorced do completely heal at some point in their life.

What Works Center for Wellbeing discovered that getting fired leads to a more significant decrease in life satisfaction than getting divorced or widowed does. This is because people who are unemployed are increasingly discontent in the years following their termination. With a stagnant economy, job seekers—especially those who were fired—are finding it difficult to obtain employment. This causes job seekers’ self-confidence and self-worth to take a nosedive.

In contrast, people who are divorced or widowed will eventually regain contentment in life, especially if they find another partner.

How You Can Heal After Divorce

While recovering from divorce may not take as much time as rebounding from unemployment, divorce can still have a profound emotional impact on a person. Below are a few ways you can help yourself heal after a divorce:

1. Seek help. Share your feelings and grief with your loved ones. Do not distance yourself from them because their emotional support is vital to your recovery.

2. Talk to a therapist. It can be beneficial for your mental health to speak to a professional who is not emotionally involved or affected by your divorce like your loved ones might be.

3. Give yourself time. Going through the divorce process, looking after your children, and working can cause personal time to become less of a priority. However, you need personal time for self-reflection, relaxation, and healing. Go for a walk, read a book, or pursue an interest to keep your mind occupied for a little while on something other than the divorce.

4. Acceptance. One of the most important steps in beginning the healing process after divorce is accepting your new situation. The sooner you can accept the fact that you are getting divorced, the quicker you can pursue the healing process.

5. Shunning feelings of guilt and rejection. Many people experience guilt during or after a divorce. If you are the one in the relationship who is more responsible for deciding to end the marriage, you have no reason to feel guilty. Similarly, if you were the one in the marriage whose spouse decided to end the relationship, you may feel rejected. You cannot heal without addressing and resolving these feelings of rejection.

Divorce Attorneys in Aurora

Divorce can be a highly emotional time in life. Having a divorce lawyer can allow you to focus on your own health and your family’s well-being. At The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we have compassionate divorce lawyers who will assist you in the divorce process. Contact our dedicated DuPage County divorce attorneys today for an initial consultation.





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