Follow These Six Tips to Avoid Divorce

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Divorce. Once that word is uttered by your spouse, you are left wondering how your relationship unraveled so quickly. While many believe that divorce is caused by significant issues such as cheating or abuse, there are minuscule behaviors within a marriage that can also derail it.

How you Can Improve your Relationship with your Spouse

However, identifying—and then changing—behaviors that may be hurting your relationship can help you avoid derailing your marriage:

1. Give each other space. Just because the both of you are married does not mean you have to attend every event or function together. Smothering your partner is not going to strengthen the marriage. Instead, you will likely get on each other’s nerves. Allocate time for yourself in which you relax or pursue activities you enjoy. Having personal time will allow you to nurture yourself, and by nurturing yourself, you will gain the energy you need to tend to your marriage. The mentally healthier you are, the healthier your relationship will be.

2. Communicate. While it is best to let some situations go, staying quiet every time you are strongly vexed by your partner can weaken your marriage. If you do not tell your spouse when he or she annoys you, your repressed emotions and feelings may negatively influence your relationship and how you treat your spouse.

3. Express gratitude. Saying simple words such as “thank you” to your spouse can increase feelings of goodwill in the marriage. When people feel valued by their partners, they are less likely to think about leaving the relationship. Even if all your partner did was give you a glass of water, say “thank you.” Your significant other will most likely pick up on your habit of expressing gratitude and reciprocate it.

4. Identify areas of improvement. Does your partner complain you do not spend enough time with her? Does she complain you get angry too quickly? Be honest with yourself. Is there any truth to these complaints? Discuss these complaints with your spouse openly and without being defensive.

5. Make an effort to look good. While you may adore wearing those ten-year-old sweatpants around the house, remember to make an effort to dress up for your partner on occasion. If you or your spouse are unable to go out for dinner every weekend, have a ‘date night’ at home and spruce up. Looking nice is more than just attractiveness—it is a display of affection for your significant other.

6. Seek professional help. If push comes to shove, attend relationship counseling with your spouse. Speaking with a professional can allow you and your significant other to open the lines of communication, resolve issues, and improve your relationship.

Contact a Reputable Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Aurora

Sometimes, even after couples have tried several different methods to save their relationship, marriages do not work out. If this is the case for you, contact a dedicated and compassionate Kane County divorce and family law attorney at The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. to understand what next steps you should take.


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