Signs a Divorce May Be Imminent

Signs a Divorce May Be Imminent, divorce, signs of divorce, family law, DuPage County Divorce Lawyer, divorce processThe realization that a marriage is coming to an end and a divorce is likely may catch many people by surprise. It is understandable to fight the reality that your marriage, which you vowed would last forever, just isn’t working.

No one goes into a marriage believing it could one day result in meetings with divorce lawyers, and discussions of alimony, child support or custody agreements. However, there are some signs that a divorce may be likely.

What are Some of the Signals of Divorce?

Whether your marriage lasted just a few months or several years, those that end in divorce tend to have one or more of these elements in common.

  • No conflict resolution: Couples who can’t work together to solve problems either end up fighting as means of resolving their differences or just avoid the issues altogether.
  • Emotional detachment: One of both partners simply prefer not to discuss their feelings or the feelings of the other.
  • Disaffection: Many couples report simply “falling out of love” with their partner. This often occurs when one or both people withdraw affection from the other.
  • Lack of sex: When affection is withheld over a prolonged period physical intimacy eventually disappears from the relationship.
  • A focus of things outside the marriage: When one no longer has an interest in their marriage they tend to invest more time and energy on matters that do not involve their spouse.
  • Preparing for life after marriage: Looking at alternative living arrangements, considering a job in a new city or a renewed interest in physical appearance might signal the end.

The exact percentage of marriages that end in divorce is not easy to quantify with precision, but an adult who recognizes the presence of any of the signs listed above may need to decide what step they want to take next. Whether one opts for counseling or consulting an attorney, knowing the signs of a failing marriage could better prepare you for the future.

Discuss Your Options with an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

Whether or not to file for divorce can be a very difficult decision, and is not one to be made on a whim. The informed counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer can help you decide what is right for you. To make certain you follow appropriate laws and filing procedures, obtain the services of a knowledgeable Aurora divorce attorney. The team at The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. will listen to your concerns and help you work through the divorce process in a way that alleviates stress and anxiety.


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