Child Custody Plans as Part of Your Divorce

Child Custody Plans as Part of Your Divorce, divorce, child custody, child support, family law, law office, DuPage County child custody lawyersDuring divorce proceedings that involve custody and parenting rights of minor children, judges and attorneys refer to applicable laws intended to create a mutually-agreeable outcome. As divorce laws in Illinois undergo a multi-year overhaul, changes to laws governing child custody, now referred to as “parental responsibilities,” were enacted a little over one year ago.

While new laws take into consideration the realities of the modern, dual-income household, final custody decisions place the welfare and well-being of the child(ren) as its primary concern and could result in either joint or sole custody orders.

Basic Parental Responsibilities Detailed in a Child Custody Plan

The state identified a series of basic needs that must be maintained for each child, and the responsibility of each may fall on one or both parents, depending on the final custody order. Among the core responsibilities that are the duty of parents to maintain for children in their care, and must be detailed in a Parenting Plan are:

  • Education – school attendance, participation, homework, teacher conferences, etc.
  • Healthcare – insurance coverage, regular visits to physician and/or dentist, etc.
  • Religion – denomination, location, level of participation, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities – sports, music lessons, friendships, etc.

While this list represents only a fraction of a child’s needs, a Parenting Plan places the onus upon the parents to ensure all these responsibilities are met. Whether the responsibilities are divided or shared, it is recommended for one parent to consult the other regarding a major event or decision that not only impacts the child but may affect other sections of the agreement.

Attending a Parenting Class

Illinois law requires that divorcing adults with minor children attend a “mandatory” parenting class before a final divorce decree is granted. This class is designed to equip both parents with the tools to better assist their children, and themselves, with the stress that frequently accompanies a divorce.

An Experienced Aurora Child Custody Attorney can Help Establish a Workable Plan

There a variety of details to consider when drawing up a legal and workable custody plan. To ensure your child custody plan meets criteria determined important by the court and protects the welfare of your children it is best to seek the advice of a knowledgeable DuPage County child custody lawyer. The skilled staff at The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. works tirelessly on your behalf because we know a maintaining a strong relationship with your children is very important to you once a divorce becomes final.


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