When to Seek Alimony Modification

When to Seek Alimony Modification, divorce, divorce modification, alimony modification, spousal support, alimonyLife is full of changes. New houses, new jobs, new children, new expenses and the list goes on. Even after a divorce is finalized changes occur for both former spouses, and those changes may allow one or the other to seek an alimony modification.

Yes, you read that right. An alimony modification may be made if either party experiences a change in circumstances that impact either the amount needed or amount available to be paid. A knowledgeable alimony modification attorney can help either the payor or payee seek the relief that allows each to continue managing their incomes and expenses.

Reasons to Seek an Alimony Modification

Sometimes the spouses can come to an agreement for support modification on their own, but any oral agreement is difficult to enforce should one party decide they no longer wish to honor it. With the assistance of an experienced alimony modification attorney, there are several options to consider when seeking a change in the amount of alimony paid.

  • Cost of Living Adjustment: Often included in the original divorce decree, this clause automatically increases alimony payments at the same rate as the annual cost of living.
  • Escalator Clause: Also, often included in the final decree, this ensures a spouse receives a set percentage increase of any annual cost of living raises the other receives as part of employment.
  • Change of Circumstance: This covers a wide spectrum of variables, from disability to cohabitation. Either party may seek relief if the other were to, for example, change jobs, become unemployed, establish residency with a new partner, remarry, receive a large raise in annual pay, or experience a financial emergency.
  • Change in Law: Sometimes laws governing the distribution or payment are modified by a state legislature. In that case, one party may wish to file for modification based on the new law.

As stress and anxiety often accompany the divorce process, it is understandable that one may not wish to reopen the matter with a request for altered support payments. Built-in adjustment clauses and help from an experienced spousal support attorney are both excellent ways to obtain proper amendments to an alimony agreement.  Changes may be enacted on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the impetus for requesting the change.

Learn if You Qualify for Alimony Modification

If the circumstances of your job, income, expenses or other life issues have changed you may be eligible for alimony modification. Speak with a knowledgeable and experienced DuPage County alimony modification lawyer to learn if you are due some measure of relief.  The team at The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. will thoroughly examine your case and explore options that suit your needs.



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