When Divorced Couples Remarry … Each Other

causes of divorce, divorced couples remarry, DuPage County divorce lawyer, remarriage, divorce processWhen one or both partners in a marriage decide to pursue a divorce, the thought of remarriage is not usually among the matters under immediate consideration. However, over time, remarriage is something  that many divorced individuals pursue, even remarrying the same person they previously divorced.

To some, the thought of remarrying the same person you just divorced may sound ridiculous. After all, whether the divorce process was amicable or hostile, so much time, energy, money, and emotion was spent settling issues such as alimony and support, custody and visitation, and division of marital assets. The reality is that some couples eventually realize, after time spent apart, that remarrying their “ex” is right for them.

How Does it Happen?

How is it that the person you divorced comes back into your life and once again becomes your spouse?

  • Even couples who divorce early in their marriage were drawn together by a shared attraction. The brain does not just forget about that.

  • Time does heal. As individuals get older they realize the issues that caused the divorce at an earlier age just are not that important anymore.

  • Alcoholism or other addictions that wrecked the marriage are brought under control.

  • Issues such as travel for work or military deployment that may have played a role in the divorce are no longer a part of your life.

Factors to Consider Before Your Ex Becomes Your New Spouse

Just as if this was your first marriage, rushing in is not a good idea.

  • Have a candid discussion about the issues that caused your divorce in the first place. If these still cause anger or disagreement then perhaps a remarriage is not the right move.

  • Try dating first. Do not assume that because you know each other, and you feel that previous issues are resolved, that taking your time to get to know each other again is unnecessary.

  • You went through a divorce with this person once previous. Consider how a second divorce will affect your relationship, as well as that of children or other family members.

  • Perhaps the help of a counselor prior to going through with the second marriage can help determine if it is the right decision.

 Work Through Divorce Matters with a Knowledgeable Aurora Divorce Lawyer

When couples are headed for divorce it is likely the thought of remarriage is nowhere on the list of matters under review. Be sure to retain the services of an experienced and reliable DuPage County divorce lawyer to ensure equitable division of marital assets and fair resolution of other issues. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. will thoroughly review your case to protect your rights and relieve the stress of divorce.




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