Divorce and Hiring a Private Investigator

asset dissipation, Aurora divorce attorney, private investigatorX, divorce and finances, file for divorceWhen considering a divorce, or learning of a spouse’s intent to file for divorce, one usually looks to hire a skilled divorce attorney. This is a good first instinct. However, another hire you may wish to consider is that of a private investigator.

Even if you think the divorce might be amicable, the assistance of a professional and experienced investigator may be worth every bit of the expense.

How a Private Investigator Help

Depending on the issues surrounding your divorce, the information your private investigator uncovers may assist with matters related to alimony, child custody and visitation, asset allocation, and support payments.

Consider a summary of areas in which a private investigator may prove most helpful:

  • A properly trained investigator can locate hidden assets that might otherwise not be evaluated during the division of marital property.
  • A private investigator can determine whether or not your spouse is being unfaithful. While this may not impact child custody, it may very well be the point that results in your actually filing for divorce.
  • However, a private investigator can uncover information that may impact child custody, such as negligent behavior by the spouse while with the children.
  • A private investigator can uncover evidence of drug or alcohol abuse, or asset dissipation.

Vet Your Investigator with Care before Hiring

If you feel the need to hire a private investigator during the course of your separation or divorce, be sure you take the time to meet with potential candidates. Matters to cover during the review process include the following:

  • Make sure all licensing and certifications are current;
  • Ask for references; you would not hire a babysitter or accountant without checking references, and this is no different;
  • Ensure the investigator carries sufficient liability insurance;
  • Get a written agreement for services to be rendered;
  • Understand how much everything will cost. Do not be surprised by extra expenses. The best investigators cost more, but their methods and results generally bare out the expense.

Remember, only information obtained through legal means can be used to strengthen your case. If you get an uneasy feeling during the interview process, then it is probably a good sign to take a pass and move on to the next candidate.

Get an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Lawyer to Present Your Case

Protect your rights, your future, and your assets with help from a knowledgeable and driven Aurora divorce attorney. The Law Offices of Matthew M. William, P.C. will review and research your concerns with meticulous care, providing thorough and thoughtful representation throughout your divorce proceedings. The firm’s top priority is the complete satisfaction of every client they represent.




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