Worst Case Scenario Divorce

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,For some people, the divorce experience is fraught with stress, uncertainty, dread and other feelings of ill will. It did not start out that way, but once reality sets in and attorneys begin discussing the matters of custody, asset division and other financial issues it is not uncommon for bad feelings to surface.

Handling the Worst a Divorce Has to Offer

Fears of being “taken to the cleaners” can cause a person to lose sleep, become bitter and even react overly aggressive in a situation when calm behavior might be best. When you dread getting out of bed because you have to go meet your ex-spouse and their attorney it can have a negative effect on others areas of your life. Perhaps consider this routine to get a grip of your concerns and create a plan to control your emotions.

  • Step 1: Write down the worst outcome(s) of the divorce you can imagine. Many fear being left broke and in debt, stuck in what seems like a never-ending divorce, and without a meaningful relationship with their children.
  • Step 2: Write down what you would do in the event these events actually occur. How can you overcome being in debt? What can you do to ensure a lasting relationship with your children? How can you help move the divorce process along to a speedy and amicable conclusion?
  • Step 3: Write down a list of the people on whom you can rely for help and support. If your worst fears involve money, write down the name of someone who can help you manage your finances. If you think the divorce will leave you without a place to live, write down the name of a realtor you know. The idea is to remind yourself that no one has to go through this all by themselves.

Completing the steps can have one of two desirable effects. One would be that you might realize that many of these worst-case scenario fears are unfounded. The second would that, in the event one of these scenarios comes true, you have a plan and friend to help you overcome it.

Rely on an Experienced Aurora Divorce Attorney to Help Avoid Disaster

The stress and anxiety that often accompanies a divorce have the ability to turn what was an amicable split at first into a contentious and bitter battle.  A knowledgeable Aurora divorce lawyer who understands the emotional strain of divorce can help you through the process. Contact the Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. to schedule an initial consultation during which you can ask questions and discuss possible options.




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