Divorce Risk: Does a Short Engagement Result in Divorce?

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Recently it was reported that the participants of a reality show entitled, “Married at First Sight,” had finalized their divorce, citing irreconcilable differences at the time of filing. A second couple from the show started the divorce process last month. This begs the question whether or not a brief period of engagement dooms the marriage.

The Engagement Period

Various studies on the subject offer no concrete answers as to the perfect length of engagement, certain themes emerge that show tendencies on the subject.

  • Too Short – Many believe engagements lasting less than 12 months do not offer couples enough time to truly get to know each other. While they enter the marriage while the relationship is still fresh, new and exciting, those feelings may quickly fade when the realities and responsibility of a lifetime commitment present previously unexperienced problems or disagreements.
  • Too Long – One study indicated that engagements lasting longer than 27 months often result in divorce between the second and seventh year of the marriage. Couple may think they can handle all the problems marriage has to offer after a long engagement, but learn they never really dealt with the issues prior to getting married, and when things do not get better the marriage ends.
  • Just Right – The same study found that the average length of engagement in the United States was 12 months.

Dating  Before the Engagement

Other studies indicated that the amount of time a couple dated prior to the engagement also played a part in whether or not a marriage ends in divorce. This would seem to make sense as it offers couples the opportunity to get to know each other more in depth prior to the euphoria of an engagement.

  • Couples who dated between one and two years before getting engaged were 20 percent less likely to get a divorce.
  • Couples who dated for a period of three or more years prior to engagement were 39 percent less likely to end their marriage with a divorce.

While there are no certainties when it comes to engagements and marriage, the numbers seem to indicate that those who spend more time getting to know each before tying the knot are less likely to get a divorce.

An Experienced Aurora Divorce Lawyer Is a Good Place to Start

No matter how long you were married, the idea of getting a divorce comes with many questions and plenty of stress. While the divorce process can sometimes prove overwhelming, finding and working with a knowledgeable and understanding Illinois divorce lawyer can help reduce your level of uncertainty. The Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. provides the resources, answers and family law experience necessary to help you obtain and fair and equitable final divorce decree. Call the offices today to set up a free consultation.






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