Breaking the News About Your Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce laws,After making the decision to end your marriage, the decision on how best to break the news of a divorce to children, family and friends can weigh heavily on a person. In a time like this, one is hopeful that their announcement will be met with understanding and support, but you can expect to hear your share of blame and judgements.

Telling Family and Friends

Informing the people closest to you may require different strategies in order to present a clear message about the impending divorce.

Children: Be gentle when telling the children. Although children can be quite intuitive, they are also quite sensitive. Do not wait to tell them, and reassure them it is not their fault and they are still loved. Following up your words with the actions to back them up is very important.

Parents and In-laws: Adults, especially those who may have experienced a bad relationship, may pick up on the signs or other vibes that your marriage is in trouble. Perhaps consider prepping them with some hints so the news, even though they may already suspect, does not hit them like a bombshell.

Friends: Telling friends may be difficult, especially if they were friends cultivated as a couple. Some may already suspect, some will support you and some will pick sides. It is times like these when a person’s real friends will reveal themselves

Important Things to Consider

When breaking the news of an impending divorce to family and friend here are a few tips and strategies to think about before you sit them down to talk.

  • Be careful how much you reveal. Not everything needs to go public.
  • Be mindful of the relationship your family and friends have with your spouse. Bad-mouthing your partner may have the exact opposite effect you desire.
  • Ask for their support in a direct manner. Let them know you want their help dealing with the divorce and the emotional aftermath.

Find an Experienced Illinois Family Law and Divorce Lawyer To Help You Through This Difficult Period

After support from family and friends, it is important to have the support and knowledge of an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through this uneasy and stressful part of your life. Working with an experienced and compassionate Kendall County divorce attorney can have the benefit of easing some anxiety, while working toward a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

Contact the Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C. to learn how years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Illinois divorce law will benefit you. Call our offices today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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