What to Know About Divorce Before You Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois child custody lawyer, attorney fees,Frequently it happens that following a divorce one might find him or herself, not necessarily regretting their divorce, but perhaps wishing they had known more about the life they are about to enter. There are a variety of resources to consult, but be careful of the information you obtain, and from who or where you receive it.

For Your Consideration

There are so many variables when it comes to divorce, and while there is no, all-knowing crystal ball, there is enough information and anecdotal data to provide people with a map of the obstacles to be faced. Provided here are some descriptions of divorced-life hurdles, gathered from those who have experienced divorce:

  • How will the divorce affect your children, and, specifically, toddler-age children? Younger children have not yet developed the emotions or communication skills to effectively convey how the divorce is impacting them. Some have found success with “play therapy,” but there is no way to predict exactly how a divorce will affect them.
  • Do not use friends as a source for legal advice, and do not hire a friend as your divorce attorney. They may be too close to the situation. If you really trust them, perhaps they can provide you with some recommendations for competent legal counsel which you can vet on your own.
  • Make sure your divorce agreement is clear. Do not leave any issues open to interpretation that may come back to haunt you later down the road.
  • A new partner in your ex’s life will be difficult. Even if you have no feelings left for your ex-spouse, seeing them with another person, who they will want to introduce to your children will not be easy.
  • When you decide to separate, change the locks. This prevents confusion about comings and goings. It is not meant to be hurtful but rather helps to establish clear boundaries.

Navigate the Divorce Process with a Resourceful Aurora Divorce Attorney

The path to a divorce is filled with many unknowns that may create anxiety and frustration, and cause people to make mistakes that will end up costing time and money. To avoid the common pitfalls of divorce it is important to retain the counsel of a highly respected DuPage County divorce lawyer. The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., conducts a thorough review of your marriage, finds and determines the value of marital assets, and established a solid position from which to negotiate. They will represent you in court with the utmost professionalism. To schedule a free initial consultation please call them today and speak with a member of our legal team.



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