Predicting Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois child custody lawyer, attorney fees,There are some people who like to say that they saw a divorce “coming from a mile away,” but the reality is that predicting the end of a marriage is not like picking a winner at the track. However, there are some who study marriage and divorce and seem to think that, like predicting the weather or the outcomes of sporting events, there definitely are some signs or indications that some marriages are more doomed to fail than others.

What Divorced Couples Have in Common

Just as most Super Bowl championship teams have a great defense or a game-changing playmaker, or World Series champs have great pitching and reliable defense, some social scientists have come to the conclusion that divorce couples also share certain aspects. While nothing is 100 percent certain, there is some credibility to their findings.

  • Your age at the time of your marriage: Research suggests that couples who marry while in their teens or wait until their mid-thirties to wed are at greater risk to divorce. In addition, an age gap can also have an effect. For example, a 10-year difference in age between a couple makes them 39 percent more likely to divorce.
  • The husband’s employment status: The male breadwinner stereotype still seems to have an effect, as it seems heterosexual marriages in which the husband does not have a full-time job are more likely to end in divorce than those in which the husband is fully employed.
  • Level of education: the research shows that over half of all marriages of those who did not finish high school end in divorce.
  • Withdrawing during conflict: This has been mentioned here in the past, but experience has shown that when one or both members of a marriage decide that avoiding conflict is a preferable route to working on problems – even if it means arguing – a divorce is more likely the result.

Count on an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Future

Whether you saw it coming or had the news thrust upon you, once plans for a divorce are in motion it is time to find dependable and knowledgeable legal representation. Working with a meticulous Illinois divorce lawyer can help you receive the alimony, support and asset split to which you are entitled. The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., provide their clients with aggressive and supportive assistance to help limit anxiety and uncertainty while moving through the divorce process as efficiently as possible. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact their offices today.


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