Blending Families Post-Divorce

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,Perhaps one of the most difficult and emotional parts of any divorce is when the the future and custody of children is involved. This can still weigh heavily even years after a divorce is final when parents enter into a new relationship and combine their children with those from another family whose parents are no longer married.

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When two adults decide to enter into a relationship, especially one that may result in marriage, their children usually have little influence. However, getting married and starting a family that involves the blending of two, previously existing families, definitely comes with some pitfalls to navigate on the path to establishing a happy and healthy household.

  • Couples must work to ensure that any children who only live with them part-time feel like a full member of the family during the time they are with them.
  • A commitment to unified communication helps parents of blended families establish important rules while ensuring children from both marriages feel like they are full members of the new family.
  • The stepparents often need to work harder to establish a relationship with the child(ren) of their new spouse as part of the family-blending process.
  • When children move between households, it is important to make those transitions as smooth as possible.
  • Even a parent needs someone to talk to, so find someone outside your household from whom you can get some support.
  • Focus on family activities that unite stepchildren and stepparents.
  • Stepparents need a break too; be sure to schedule some adult time when spouses can go out together or with friends and enjoy activities that do not involve the children.
  • Tension will exist in a blended family until all members become comfortable with the new arrangements. Until that time it is key to incorporate laughter and playfulness into the environment as a means of easing the tension.

Protect Your Children with Help from a Knowledgeable Aurora Child Custody Attorney

Ensuring the social, emotional and financial well-being of children whose parents are divorcing is of paramount importance to all the adults involved in the process. Working with an experienced Illinois child custody attorney during your divorce will offer a measure of confidence that the relationship with your children will be valued as highly as other divorce matters. The legal professionals at the Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., understand the very sensitive nature of child custody negotiations and agreements and work tirelessly to create a resolution that provides for the best possible future for the children. Set up a free initial consultation when you contact their offices.


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