Young and Getting Divorced

Illinois custody attorney, Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyer,It is not uncommon for young couples to get married. In fact, it is almost expected. What seems far less familiar is when a young couple goes through divorce, even after only a few years of marriage. The hard reality is that, regardless of their age or how long they were married, when a couple realizes their marriage just is not working then the best course of action may well be divorce.

Divorcing While Still in Your Twenties

Divorce, regardless of at what age or length of the marriage, is no less emotional for the couple; the decision to end a relationship that was supposed to last forever is rarely easy. However, younger couples may find a smoother, post-divorce path, and when a marriage ends after only a few years, the process tends to be less drawn out for a few key reasons.

  • It is found that young couples getting married these days are more likely to have entered into marriage with a signed and valid prenuptial agreement.
  • The shorter the marriage usually means there is less share property or assets to divide. In many cases, each person may just pick up and move on with that with which they arrived.
  • Children and child custody issues are less likely to be a part of a marriage that ends when both spouses are still in their twenties.
  • Younger couples who divorce, especially when both are working full-time jobs, find it easier to pick up and move on both financially and socially.
  • With virtually nothing to divide, a no-fault divorce allows both parties to seek and obtain a relatively speedy resolution to the process, provided both parties agree to it.
  • Those still in their twenties often find it much easier to bounce back from divorce as they can throw themselves into their work, and find transitioning back into a social scene easier since they are just a few years removed from that aspect of single life.

Work with an Experienced Illinois No-Fault Divorce Lawyer

When a marriage only lasts a few years, and there is very little in the ways of shared property or assets, pursuing a swift course of action toward a final divorce settlement is a good way to avoid anxiety and frustration. Seek the counsel of a knowledgeable DuPage County no-fault divorce attorney to guide you through the process. The Law Offices of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., applies years of experience and access to thoroughly developed resources to ensure clients obtain a satisfactory divorce settlement.


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