Dealing with a Difficult Spouse During Divorce

Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer,Divorce is already stressful enough for the entire family. When you are dealing with a spouse who has it out for you, it can become even more difficult and it can make dealing with even the smallest issues a lengthy process. Adding children into the mix makes everything even more difficult, especially when your spouse insists on settling things in the courtroom when they could just as easily be settled outside of the courtroom. Dealing with a toxic spouse is emotionally draining, so here are a few tricks you can use to cope with your spouse during your divorce:

Make Sure You Document Everything

When it comes to toxic spouses, they will often bend the truth, change what they said previously or lie altogether. Do not allow your spouse to make you rethink events that happened in the past. You should not have to question your own memories, so making sure you document everything is key. If you communicate about something important, make sure you either record the conversation or get it in writing, that way you have hard evidence of the conversation that actually took place.

Try to Keep the Past in the Past

It is never a good idea to hold onto the past. Getting a divorce and beginning the divorce process means that you are ready to move on and you are trying to look to the future. When your spouse is being especially difficult, it may be because they are holding onto the past. Do not let yourself succumb to their tactics. Keep your head up and your sight forward.

Keep Your Kids Out of the Middle

This tip is rather important. Even if you and your spouse disagree when you are trying to make decisions about the children, it is important that you do not include your children in these arguments. A divorce already means that your child is going through a lot, especially with the new adjustment. Do not make them feel like they have to choose a side and do not make them feel responsible for you and your spouse’s arguments.

Get Help From a Skilled DuPage County Divorce Attorney

Sometimes things just do not work out the way we planned. You never plan on getting a divorce when you get married, but sometimes divorce is the beginning of the rest of your life after a difficult marriage. Not everyone reacts to a divorce kindly and if you are dealing with a difficult spouse during your divorce, you could really use the help of an experienced Aurora, IL divorce lawyer. At the Law Office of Matthew M. Williams, P.C., we understand how emotionally draining it can be to go through a divorce with a difficult spouse. Contact us today by calling 630-409-8184 to schedule a consultation.



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