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The determination of child support is often necessary in the wake of divorce — ensuring the financial security of a child's households is critical to his or her well-being.

The goal of support payments is fairly straightforward: so that parents (both the residential and nonresidential parents) can share the burden of providing for the children. An obligation that is too high or stringent can be unfairly burdensome and can strangle the finances of a parent forced to pay for child support. One that is too low can have the same effect, leaving the residential parent with an unfair share of the financial burden.

Because of the importance of these issues, their complexity and how many ways these variables may apply to your unique situation, a skilled and experienced attorney is all but an essential asset.

Kendall County Child Support Modification Attorney

I have been helping families come to ideal resolutions for child support for nearly a decade. I am ready to take my hands-on approach and familiarity with DuPage, Kane and Kendall counties courts to help you and your loved ones reach a best possible outcome if you are facing these issues.

Illinois State Child Support Guidelines

It is important to note that courts determine child support obligations through the use of state guidelines that are relatively rigid. These Illinois guidelines specify that a nonresidential parent is obligated to contribute the following percentage of his or her net income in payment of child support:

  • One child 20 percent
  • Two children 28 percent
  • Three children 32 percent
  • Four children 40 percent
  • Five children 45 percent
  • Six or more children 50 percent

Above and beyond these numbers, other expenses may be added to create a more accurate picture, including:

  • Health care costs
  • Taxes
  • Social Security contributions

Other expenses including day care, 401(k)s and IRAs are not considered by the court.

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