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One of the most common reasons for divorce, along with cheating, is financial issues. Studies show that couples who argue about money are more likely to split. Although the number of married couples opening separate bank accounts is increasing (a … Continue reading

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A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract developed and signed by a couple before they get married. A prenuptial agreement, or “prenup,” can delineate how financial assets and property will be divided in the event that the couple divorces in … Continue reading

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Like other states, Illinois family courts will aim to create child custody agreements based on the child’s best interests. According to the Illinois General Assembly, the courts may consider the following factors: Parents’ wishes; Child’s wishes; How the child has … Continue reading

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The marriage only lasted five years, but the divorce has just surpassed the 10 year mark. The case has already produced almost 600 motions and rulings – and there’s no end in sight. This  long divorce and child custody case … Continue reading

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